Its a sad day in Americas history when some of the most decietful forms of propoganda are used to prop up a failed narcisitic corrupt racist president. A State of the Union address written specicfically to be sure a sick egotistical man could read it from a teleprompter verbatim, without feeling the need to go off on a tangent. A failed military operation, that cost the lives of civilians, children and an American Navy seal. Simply because the president was to busy Tweeting. Rather than being in the situation room considering the information being provided to him, that the our military had been spotted, the mission compromised and the best thing to do would be to abort. As well as a second failed mission, simply because the president is so indebted to the Russians he had to call them in advance to advise them of the upcoming missile strike on a Syrian airfield. Russia in turn contacted Assad and gave him plenty of time to move his planes. A republican congress that continuously refuses to investigate the connection between Russia and the president. There is only one thing concerned Americans can do at this point. In 2018 vote straight down the ballot for Democrats. I can not say I am apposed to all conservative values. Neither am I apposed to the public servant I am running against. I view Dennis Ross like I would a good cook that bought a bad restaurant franchise. There is probably nothing he can do too succeed. Republicans have to go in order to bring this President to justice. Democrats have to find a way to compromise with Republicans in order to end the crippling deadlock in Washington.