Month: November 2016

Winner Takes all politics

What is winner takes all politics? Winner takes all politics is essentially a Republican Party philosophy. It is widely believed to be the cause of the enormous problem of income inequality. The old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is all to true. Although Republicans fight for big corporate tax cuts, failing to consider the skyrocketing federal budget deficits. They argue those tax cuts will improve the economy so much, that the amount of tax revenue will grow and reduce the federal budget shortfall. Than the argument can be it is Democrats who are fighting for the middle class and poor. They have become the countries HR department essentially. They fight for healthcare for all; they fight to increase the minimum wage. They fight to give unions greater power. But in there, lie the great liberal conspiracy. It was President Obama who agreed to make the Tax-Extenders, tax cut permanent. Tax-Extenders got the name because every year congress had to vote to extend it. Tax-Extenders was a Trillion dollars in many different tax breaks for a large umber of different businesses. Do we really need another Trillion dollars in tax breaks for big profitable business. Keep in mind President Donald Trump who didn’t pay taxes for 15 years. He said its because he’s smart. Apple computer CEO Steve Cook, when called out by Congress for...

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Donald Trumps newest additon to the cabinet

Donald Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education. DeVos is in a big promoter of private school vouchers. A voucher is provided to parents to pay for some or all of a child’s private school tuition. In theory this will enable more parents with lower incomes to send there kids to private school. Well here I go again talking about the great conservative hypocrisy. Probably low income families still won’t be able to pay private school tuition. Because a voucher only covers part of the cost, many low income families won’t be able to afford even 50% of a $10,000 school tuition. So all a 20 billion dollar investment by the federal government in school voucher programs will do is pad the pocket of wealthy families, who already have there children in private schools. This 20 billion will certainly come out of public school system budgets. It may also encourage family with money who currently have there kids in public schools to move there kids to private schools. The lower number of attendees will enable conservatives to do what they do best. Apply a business model to a government program. the lower number of attendees will enable the closing of many public schools. Consolidating 2-3 schools down to 1 location, the lower number of locations and the much further drive to schools will encourage some parents,...

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Bring back Glass Steagall

The Glass Steagall bill was government regulation that separated commercial and investment banking. Commercial Banks, are a financial institution that provides financial services, such as accepting deposits, and issuing loans, mortgages for homes car loans etc. Investment banks provide services to individuals, corporations, and governments, such as raising financial capital. Security firms provide transaction services related to financial investments. A financial investment is an asset you put money into, in order to appreciate. Typical financial investments, are CDs and bonds that pay interest to the owners. The Glass Steagall act was enacted by congress in 1933, in response to over 5000 banks in the U.S. going bankrupt. It prohibited commercial banks form engaging in investment banks and security services. The theory was that investment banking and security services is what caused the commercial banks to go bankrupt. In the 1960s congress started allowing commercial banks to reengage in security bank services, but not investment bank services. Many argued at that point that Glass Steagall was dead. But it was not until 1999 that President Bill Clinton and congress agreed to repeal Glass Steagall all together. So why would such a conservative anti regulation president like Donald Trump want to restore such a big government regulation. Err-go The great conservative hypocrisy. Conservatives believe what works in the private sector will work even better in governing. So they have chosen to...

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Donald Trumps Cabinet Finalist

I have been reading about one of President Trump’s finalists as he likes to call them, for education secretary. I became more concerned than ever, he doesn’t have the common sense to pick a good cabinet member. The finalist I’m speaking of is Eva Moskowitz for the position of Education Secretary. She runs New York City’s largest, highest-scoring network of charter schools. So how could this be a bad choice? The fact of the matter is the Success Charter School, weeds out the under performers and children with special needs. They have denied the allegations, but the charges resurfaced after, a Got To Go list appeared from one of the schools principles office. The schools also spend an enormous amount of time on Common Core test preparation. They do recruit their students form a random lottery process. but they find a way to work with only the best students, for example the Got To Go list. This is a classic example of the Trump way of doing business, everything looks great on the surface but when you dig a little deeper you find the real truth. Lord help us see through the next 4 years, the smoke and mirrors have only begun to surface....

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Congratulations President Trump

Congratulations President Trump. You have not even taken office and you already fulfilled your first campaign promise. You drained the swamp. Everybody in the swamp is working at the Whitehouse now, including that dirty snake Steve Bannon. Your second campaign promise won’t be hard to fulfill either. Deporting those bad hombres as you put it. In order to make that happen, all you have to do is nothing, just continue President Obamas deportation policy. If you like you can do it with a lot more energy, as you said you would do. “What the people don’t know is that Obama got tremendous numbers of people out of the country.” That’s a quote from you President Trump. So the additional energy will be in the form of publishing those numbers. Unlike the Obama administration who kept those figures quiet, to save the image of empathy, Democrats like to portray, all you have to do is publish those numbers, perhaps on Twitter or the Whitehouse website, that should give the appearance of an aggressive illegal immigration enforcement administration. One of the things you may want to reconsider, the promise you made, when you said you would bomb the sh%$ out of them. We already tried that, several times in Iraq as well as Afghanistan, It didn’t help, it just put our country in trillions of dollars in debt and left a...

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