Month: November 2016

Congratulations John Morgan

I applaud the efforts and enormous personal financial commitment Tim and John Morgan have made in their effort to have a constitutional amendment for the use of marijuana, for treating, debilitating medical conditions. although it may seem a contradiction, I also understand those who are opposed to the amendment. There are many unanswered questions. These questions need to be answered, as John Morgan pointed out in his radio campaign. Every presidential candidate agreed Medical Marijuana should be legalized. The Federal government should allocate billions of dollars in funding, for the National Institute of health to provide grants to the researchers, that can best determine how and for what  conditions  medical marijuana can be used to treat. As well as effective therapies medical marijuana could apply to. Marijuana should also be taken off the schedule 1 substance list, catagorizing a soft drug like marijuana, schedule 1 substance, comes with strict regulations and enormous research hurdles. Its been almost a year since I published my opinion on Medical Marijuana. I am so excited to see the kind of movement we are seeing , from our colleague on the other side of the aisle. Sen Orin Hatch of Utah.”Our country has experimented with a variety of state solutions without properly delving into the weeds on the effectiveness, safety, dosing, administration and quality of medical marijuana. All the while, the federal government strains...

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Ronald Reagan speaks out against socialized medicine

As I listened to Ronald Reagan speak about socialized medicine and the foot-in-the-door philosophy, I wondered who had the the first foot in the door, so, I researched a little and found some interesting information. George W. Bush, the Commander-in-Chief and architect and proprietor  of Medicare Part D, had very similar rollout problems to those of Obama Care. Likewise, many considred it the largest expansion of the welfare state since the creation of Medicare in 1965. Republicans refused to dedicate funding for the bill, raise Medicare tax, or cut spending; therefore, the entire cost of the bill became part of the increasing budget deficit. What made matters worse was that Republicans insisted it be there bill, not allowing Democrats to take the lead on this enourmous new entitlement initiative. They new, had Democrats written the bill, they would include provisions requiring drug companies to lower the prices of the 178 most common drugs considered elegibile for the Part D program, thus driving down profits for pharmaceutical  companies. Be that it as it may, I decided to dig a little deeper. I found enourmous similarities between Obama Care and Romney Care. The biggest challenge with both is the gaurenteed issue clause. Simply put if a citizen is diagnosed with a vastly expensive or fatal condition, he/she is still eligible for coverage. This clause cost insurance companies a lot, which is...

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