jeff-rabinowitzJeff Rabinowitz is a hospitality professional and has been working for Orlando’s finest hotels and theme parks since 1995. Jeff is also a children’s book author. He recently published a children’s book about the worlds changing economy, called Mr Wilsons Crazy Dog Show. Available on Jeff currently resides in Clermont Florida.

In 2016 I chose to take a stand and run for the U.S. House of Representatives. I was Knocking on doors day after day trying to get the 2300 signed petitions needed to be on the ballot. People just weren’t interested. They had been hearing plenty about Trump and Hillary and Jeb. They just didn’t want to hear from me. So I’m back at again fighting for what I believe in. My new blog will keep you posted on what I believe in. I will continue to ask you to sign my candidate petitions. So I can be sure to be on the ballot in 2018. I look forward to your support and feed back.

For the greater greater good of all human kind, Democrats must win big in 2018. I have always wondered how after 8 years of a tremendously successful presidency we lose the White House. Republicans take over with one thing on their agenda, destroy evrything our president accomplished. Bush did it after Bill Clinton and now Trump is hard at work destroying the amazing accomplishments of President Obama. I realze its nearly impossible to make a logical argumnet to an emotional bond. Republicans have an emotional bond with some of their voters. At times I think more so than Democrats have with their constituents. It may be the misconception  of Republican signature items. As President Obama said we the Democrats champion the vulnerable the sick the infirm. Those who have no dialogue with the corridors of power. Republicans champion the powerful the wealthy supposedly the military. As proud as I am to be a part of such a great party. I realize we need to do more to secure our standing as the party of choice. I believe the single most important thing we can commit to, is an enormous investment in our public eduction system. Creating a public education community, all across our country equivalant to the private education system, children of wealthy parents attend. As a lawmaker this will be my greatest goal. Win or lose. this is a big part of my sense pf mission.

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