Recently Donald Trump waged war on the ACA via executive order. A lot of people are going to get hurt, because of this sick act of revenge. Its not above Trump to go out of his way to destroy lives. He cut his own grand nephew off his insurance in pursuit of revenge. He had siezures, cerebral palsy and was cut off from health coverage by Donald Trump after his father died. Another sick act of revenge. Thier is only one way to respond. Democrats need to stand united against the Republican sponsored tax cut. The Koch brothers have made it clear. With out action on healthcare and tax cuts they will cut off the 400 million dollars they have allocated to conservative candidates. That money is vital to Republicans to win in 2018. If we rally as adamantly as we did in opposition of repeal and replace. If we rally that hard against the tax break it will fail too. Republicans will not have a single accomplishment to show for their complete control of government. Make no mistake this is not a classic example of cutting your nose off to spite your face. Their is nothing in the tax break for you. Its all a tax cut to big corporate America and billionaires. I have never known a corporation to pay their employees more simply because they had record breaking profits. Warren Buffett made it clear lower tax rates does not create jobs. Seeing as their is only about 2000 billionaires in the world. They can afford to pay their fare share of taxes. Vote Democrat down the ballot in 2018. Help Jeff Rabinowitz get elected. Visit Jeffrabinowitzforcongress join the conversation visit