Recently Secretary of education Betsy DeVos challenged the assessment of Sec of State Rex Tillerson that Donald Trump is a moron. She asked the question, would a moron hire me? Well being she was the Secretary of education nominĂ©e that didn’t know the difference between proficiency and growth. As well as, she had no idea that the individuals with disabilities education act was federal law. I would say its very possible it would take a moron to nominate her to the position of education secretary. She than asked the question would a moron hire Rick Perry. Well he was the fellow that couldn’t remember the 3 federal agency’s he promised to shut down if he were elected president. Commerce, Education and oops he forgot Energy! He was also the former governor of Texas who forgot the voting age was 18. He thought it was 21. So again one could come to the conclusion that only a moron would hire him to be Secretary of energy. Than best of all, she asked would a moron hire Jared Kushner. Well the president beloved son in law was the guy who said he didn’t report over 100 meetings on his form SF-86 filing because a staff member pressed send to soon. Oh by the way the SF-86 form has to be printed and signed! So I guess you can see why some level headed good thinkers could come to the conclusion the president is a moron!