I have been reading about one of President Trump’s finalists as he likes to call them, for education secretary. I became more concerned than ever, he doesn’t have the common sense to pick a good cabinet member. The finalist I’m speaking of is Eva Moskowitz for the position of Education Secretary. She runs New York City’s largest, highest-scoring network of charter schools. So how could this be a bad choice? The fact of the matter is the Success Charter School, weeds out the under performers and children with special needs. They have denied the allegations, but the charges resurfaced after, a Got To Go list appeared from one of the schools principles office. The schools also spend an enormous amount of time on Common Core test preparation. They do recruit their students form a random lottery process. but they find a way to work with only the best students, for example the Got To Go list. This is a classic example of the Trump way of doing business, everything looks great on the surface but when you dig a little deeper you find the real truth. Lord help us see through the next 4 years, the smoke and mirrors have only begun to surface.