Donald Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education. DeVos is in a big promoter of private school vouchers. A voucher is provided to parents to pay for some or all of a child’s private school tuition. In theory this will enable more parents with lower incomes to send there kids to private school. Well here I go again talking about the great conservative hypocrisy. Probably low income families still won’t be able to pay private school tuition. Because a voucher only covers part of the cost, many low income families won’t be able to afford even 50% of a $10,000 school tuition. So all a 20 billion dollar investment by the federal government in school voucher programs will do is pad the pocket of wealthy families, who already have there children in private schools. This 20 billion will certainly come out of public school system budgets. It may also encourage family with money who currently have there kids in public schools to move there kids to private schools. The lower number of attendees will enable conservatives to do what they do best. Apply a business model to a government program. the lower number of attendees will enable the closing of many public schools. Consolidating 2-3 schools down to 1 location, the lower number of locations and the much further drive to schools will encourage some parents, to take an online option, reducing attendance even more and putting the U.S. government out the education business altogether eventually. This policy will not make America great again, all will do is grow the the problem of income inequality even bigger.