Political No-Brainer – Jeff Rabinowitz – Democrat for Congress 2018 from jeff rabinowittz on Vimeo.

Our goal is to increase Florida’s federal ┬ápublic education investment, to create economic growth, build stronger communities and enable our young people to make informed decisions. Throughout my career in the hospitality business, I have seen a great number of young people not on a path to succeed. Why? Because they lack an understanding of basic financial management. As well as other important basic life skills. STRONG FAMILIES IMPART THIS KNOWLEDGE, but others don’t get that benefit. Schools need to take up the task. We can accomplish this goal by investing more money in our education system. As Florida’s district 15 Congressman, I will champion legislation that will close trillions of dollars in tax loopholes, and direct those incoming tax dollars to our states to invest in public education and higher education system. I will also see to it we use that money to significantly reduce student loan debts. College debt is a problem, as is state cuts in funding for public education, which either raises costs or reduces quality. Without access to education we create A PERMANENT UNDERCLASS.

A great example of how to use that money wisely, dates back to the age old argument that smaller classroom size produces better results. But the reality is, great teachers can teach larger classrooms with great success. We need to invest wisely in training teachers, and having our best in class teachers sharing best practices.