Episode #15


High Stakes and Historical Echoes: Trump, The Kennedys, and Global Conflicts- Episode 15

Capital Punishment to Campaign Promises: A Comprehensive Debate - Episode 14

In this intense episode of “Political No-Brainer,” hosts Jeff Rabinowitz and Zak Zakaluk tackle a mix of highly charged topics. The discussion kicks off with an analysis of the Trump Hush Money Trial, unpacking the legal intricacies and its implications for American politics. Shifting historical gears, the duo then explores the enduring legacy of the Kennedy family, drawing parallels and contrasts to current political dynasties. The conversation moves to international affairs with a deep dive into the ongoing tensions between Israel and Gaza, examining the roots and ramifications of the conflict. Lastly, Jeff and Zak discuss the evolving landscape of medical marijuana, considering its medical, legal, and societal impacts. This episode offers a blend of legal scrutiny, historical perspective, and modern policy debate.