We lost the special elections in Montana, even after the Republican candidate body slammed a reporter and broke his glasses. The New York Times called this a point of contention between cautious party leaders, who want to pick their shots in the battle for control of Congress in 2018 and militant grass roots activists who want to fight Republicans everywhere. I have to say I agree with those who say they want to fight Republicans everywhere. I recently received an email that informed me that the DNC considered Congressional District 15 in play. This is the district I’m running in presumably against incumbant Dennis Ross. My plan of attack is not to attack at all. I can say with absolute confidence, we all got the memo about how horrible, sick demented and destructive an agenda Republicans are pursuing. I am going to work hard to talk to people about what motivates me to run for office, and my plan as Florida’s newest Congressman. I think we should all rally around my commitment to public education. Instead of implementing trillions of dollars in corporate and the very wealthy tax cuts. We should invest our money in building the most amazing public education community in the world. This investment would create good paying jobs, giving our anemic economy the jump start it needs. As a Congressman representing Florida’s 15th district, if a bill crosses my desk. I will see to it there is a 100s of millions of dollars in it to build new schools in our district. Schools that include state of the art gymnasium facilities, state of the art dining facilities, robotics centers, children with special needs centers. This investment will have a much greater return than giving corporate America trillions of dollars in tax breaks. They already have trillions of cash stashed overseas in tax havens. This investment would creat the most talented, confident, well informed work force, ready to compete in a very competitive world economy. I believe in time even corporate America CEOs would agree to this effort. I look forwrad to your support and thoughts.