I have attached the YouTube video of Bernie Sanders responding to Donald trumps speech. He sites several things President Trump did not mention.

A) Presidents Trumps campaign promise not to cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.
B) The widest gap of income wealth inequality. The widest gap since the 1920s
C) The 5-4 Supreme Court vote in favor of the Citizens United Decision, allowing millionaires and billionaires to buy elections.
D) Voter suppression. Republican governors, all over the country are working hard to make it more difficult for young people, low-income people, and senior citizens, people of color to vote.
E) The environment and climate change.
F) More people in jail than anywhere in the world.
G) The simple fact that we need the best-educated work force in the world to compete in a highly competitive global economy.
H) Creating tuition free community colleges, and addressing the student loan crisis.
Here is a how I think we can begin to solve some of these enormous challenges.

I call my plan EAP. (Education Action Plan).

Education Action Plan is the foundation of my legislative agenda. It takes into consideration all of the challenges Bernie Sanders points out and the president ignores. Typically politicians are short on solutions, all to often there busy pointing out the serious low points of the other party candidate. All the while forgetting to offer what their solution is.

EAP is an enormous investment in our public education system.

A) Promise to not cut Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid.

Entitlements create very difficult problems for Congress’s efforts to control the exact size of the budget deficit or surplus through the annual appropriations process. It is often very hard to predict in advance just how many individuals will meet the various entitlement criteria during any given year, so it is therefore difficult to predict what the total costs to the government will be at the time the appropriation bills for the coming fiscal year are being drafted. Therefor I think voluntary self-enrichment programs, during the summer break, would be a great way to prepare young people for the downsizing and potentially phasing out of some of these enormous programs. Politicians can promise all they want, they wont touch these programs but inevitably they are going to have to be modified significantly.

B) Income inequality.

A part of my education investment would go to, voluntary self-enrichment courses during the summer break. These voluntary courses would serve in several ways. For example a course on financial planning would empower the people with knowledge to successfully plan there financial future. Buy a home they can afford. Invest slowly in the stock market. Over half of elderly Americans have no savings today. These courses would teach young people how important saving money is.

Income inequality brings the question of raising the minimum wage. So here I use a real life example to make my point. A person works for a fast food chain; his employer expects more and more work. All the while cutting the employee’s hours. So he gets fed up and quits. If he has no savings, he goes to the competition and gets a job immediately. So that being the cycle, all the low paying, abusive employers have plenty of employees and plenty of applicants. There is no need to pay more or treat employees better. But if the majority of people have a savings, and a plan in case there out of work for a short period of time. They won’t just rush to the next employer willing to hire them for peanuts. It won’t take long for employers to feel the pinch; they will have a shortage of staff. They will compete to hire good people, offering higher wages, 401k retirements, paid vacation, insurance benefits, and profit sharing. That’s how self-enrichment courses regarding financial planning can make a significant difference in what employers are willing to pay.

C) Citizen United Decision.

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, case in which the U.S. Supreme Court on January 21, 2010, ruled (5–4) that laws preventing corporations and unions from using general treasury funds for independent electioneering communications violate the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech. Jan 31, 2016

Many have argued there should be legislation limiting the amount of money corporations invest in promoting political candidates. I will say this, on this one, I will lead by example. I’m out with my clipboard asking people to sign my candidate petition, fighting for what I believe in. Corporations have not given me any money. My fundraising goal is dramatically lower than most candidates. As Florida’s newest Congressman I will support and possibly sponsor a bill, limiting the amount of money corporations can spend on a candidate.

D) Voter suppression.

Lets work to ensure all 50 states have early voting. Mail in ballots. Polls open on Sundays. State constitutional amendments requiring easy access voting and fair districting. As well as adopt similar laws like Florida’s. What I consider the gold standard of voter access. In 2016 Florida converted its absantee ballot program to a mail in ballot. You don’t have to be absent from the county you live in or be outside the country. you can just opt to mail in vote. It’s important every American exercise their gift of voting

E) The environment.

Republicans have made it clear; they are going to do there very best to wage a war on any environmental protection program. A part of my education investment would invest in building environmental friendly public schools. Creating a passion in young people for the environment. A good example of an environmental friendly school is, Sidwell Friends Middle School building with LEED platinum certification,[24] designed by architect KieranTimberlake Associates and landscape design by Andropogon Associates. The wood-clad building was designed around a sustainable use of water and energy, exemplified by a constructed wetland in the center of the campus, with many species of plants, as well as turtles and fish, part of a wastewater recycling system designed by Biohabitats. On the interior, the building uses thermal chimneys and louvers that admit diffuse light to limit the need for artificial light and thermal control. Lastly, the building contains a centralized mechanical plant that uses less energy than normal, much of which is produced by photovoltaic banks on the roof. The materials used and the environmental technology are referenced architecturally and made accessible to students, either physically, or by explanatory signs, as an educational feature. These kind of environmental friendly buildings would make children passionate about the environment. Sidwell Friends is the school Sasha and Malia Obama went to school.

F) More people in jail than anywhere world.

The fact of the matter is we have children growing up with no home. Starving, wondering were their next meal is coming from. They go ho home to drunken or drugged up parents or guardians. Some are horribly abused, physically and mentally. A part of my enormous investment in our public education system, calls for building dorms as a part of our public education infrastructure. Giving these kids a place to call home. A place they can do their homework. A place they can have 3 healthy tasty meals. This will provide them an option other than a life of crime to try and survive.

G) The best educated workforce in the world.

In order to get there we also need the best teachers in the world. So lets start by paying teachers more. That will encourage great people to become teachers. Ny self enrichment courses would require you maintain a B or better average through out the school year, to qualify for these courses.

H) Creating tuition free community colleges, and addressing the student loan crisis.

The summer self-enrichment course would be incentive based. You would earn college tuition money upon successful completion of the course. Ultimately earning enough to pay for your 2 or 4-year degree.

The self-enrichment courses would require you maintain a B or better average through out the school year, to qualify for these courses. Ultimately proving our new very qualified teachers with really motivated students.