I use to wonder how incredible it would be to have my own private Jet Plane, a yacht or a really awesome sports car. But then something changed. My left eye became extremely irritated. It just kept getting worse. It got to the point were I couldn’t hardly see out of it. I went to my doctors office and she told me, my Glaucoma had taken a turn for the worse. My doctor began prescribing drops to remedy the problem. I was up to 4 different drops 3x a day. In addition she added a 1000 milligrams, of a pill that should have took care of the problem alone. All that simply wasn’t working. I may be about to go blind in one eye. She contacted a Glaucoma surgeon specialist who scheduled me for immediate surgery 3 days later. Fortunately I had insurance through my employer and the surgery worked. Without insurance I would have been doomed. I often wonder if world leaders had ever been in such predicaments, would they change their approach. If they didn’t have access to emergency state of the art healthcare when needed. If they had ever experienced what it felt like to be hunkered down in the basement of their own home, while enemy military air sorties passed over dropping bombs. Not knowing if the bombs would miss their intended targets and hit their home. Killing all of them. Than when the bombing is over they find out, all the supply routes to their town had been destroyed. There would be no food or fresh water supplies coming in for possibly months. Would they have been better off being a mistaken target. Rather than watch their family die of starvation, or from the lack of ability to get medical attention.

It was that moment in time I decided to make a big part of my life mission, to try and make a difference on how world leaders do business. That enormous goal can not be achieved by one person. It is my belief we can make the world a better place through education. I believe we should invest an enormous amount of money in our public education system, as well as seeing to it every child has the ability to go to college debt free. I will work hard towards that goal of grooming our next generation of leaders. I look forward to your support.