With a heavy heart I make this statement. Our president has become the laughing stock of the entire world. His comments and conduct and comments during the G7 meeting in Taormina Sicily prompted leaders from all over the world to simply laugh at president Trump. His penchant for revenge or possibly his debts to Russian banks connected to Russian intelligence service, maybe why he made some of the comments he made. As well as some of the things he forgot to mention. His lashing out at Germany, our very trusted long term ally may have to do with the fact that they are providing information to our intelligence agencies, that could lead to his dowmfall. Be that as it may, lets understand how the NATO alliance works. The president saying there are many NATO allies that owe us money for protection, simply makes it clear he does not understand how NATO works. There are no unpaid protection invoices lingering in the Department of State. NATO is a security alliance with an understanding that allies within the alliance spend 2% of thier GDP on security. That allocation is assumed to be enough to keep the NATO allies military equipped, trained and staffed sufficiently to participate in an agreed on joint military action. An example of how poorly informed the president is. This is a Tweet the president sent. It was more than 140 characters so it took 2 Tweets back to back.”Despite what you have heard from the FAKE NEWS, I had a great meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, never the less Germany owes vast amounts of money to NATO & the United States must be paid more for the powerful protection, and very expensive, defense it provides to Germany”. Realizing the president is incompetent, he should still have the basic fundamental; understanding of how treaties with our allies work. Not Knowing what you are talking about, and being adamant when you are completely wrong is dangerous. Especially when you are the president of the United Staes. So to that point, i would like to provide an example of a valid complaint about the shortfalls of some of our NATO allies commitment. I refer to a scathing 20 minute valedictory speech in Brussels retired Defense Secretary Robert Gates made. He mentioned the NATO alliance had partners willing to wage war and those who are only willing to talk peace. He also talked about the Libya joint NATO military action. He said the strongest military alliance in the world ran out of munitions 11 weeks into the operation. Ultimately the U.S. had to pick up the slack. Many of the NATO allies that voted for the mission chose not to participate because they didn’t have the military capabilities to do so. This certainly is a problem that needs to be addressed. Blunt talk by the retiring defense secretary did not necessarily offend, because his statements were accurate. Many partner nations have agreed to increase their military spending in future years. This is how truly effective leaders handle difficult situations. He handled it with a dignified approach, a simple quality our current president doesn’t have.