Republicans took a stab at destroying Obama Care. Sometimes I think thats all they want to do, is destroy everything in site. Just like when George Bush Jr became president. He made it clear the projected budget surplus was simply because people paid too much in taxes.So he sent everybody $300-$600 checks, as well as giving the very wealthy an enormous tax break. As well as getting us into a war, we simply coudnt afford and had no buisness getting involved with. Costing us trillions of dollars over the course of the loan we had to take to pay for the war. Now Republicans under the leadership of Paul Ryan are detemined to destroy the affordable Care act. They are looking to take away the insurance of 32 million Americans, with no plan to reinsure them. Fortunately for America, their first atempt failed. Unfortunatley they will probably try again. Paul Ryan has made it clear he has no desire to work with Democrats on a compromise. Notably there is a former conservative congressman worth listening too. His name is Jin Mccrory. He points out and I quote. “you have to have something like Obamacare if you want a healthcare system that gets as many people covered as possible that’s not single payer” His solution not only makes sense, it reaches across both sides of the aisle in compromise and accomplishes a realistic solution. McCrery represented a conservative district in Louisiana for 20 years. He was reelected with 60% of the vote. He was slated to be the Republicans choice to chair the powerful Ways and Means Committee. This is his solution to insuring Millions of Americans while prreserving the Private health-care system.
1) Fund the high risk corridors. Simply put help insurance companies cover the enormous cost of insuring people that would have been Considered uninsurable before the Gaurantee issue clause in Obamacare. This could be covered by a reinsurance fund paid for by the government. That would get insurance companies back in the exchange.
2) increase the penalties for not having insurance. This would certainly get more healthy people buying insurance.
3) larger subsidies to make more Americans to purchase insurance.
Long story short, I agree.
I look forward to you sharing your thoghts with me on Quackers.