Simply put there is no savings with the repeal and replace plan that House Republicans passed. The CBO score says that over 10 years there will be 110 billion dollar deficit reduction, as well as 23 million people losing coverage.  Here is something the Congressional budget office didn’t take into consideration. With the ACA, congress passed a provision that essentially reduced a program payment by 75% called Disproportionate Shared Hospital pay (DSH). The CBO at the time estinated that reduction in the program would save 230 Billion over the course of the next 10 years. (DSH) reimbursed hospitals for uninsured patient visits. Hospital company CEOs have lobbied any massive change in the ACA that would  increase the amount of uninsured, would require bringing back the (DSH) program. They probably will have their request granted. If so the actual deficit reduction will become a deficit increase of 120 billion dollars over the next 10 years. So why the push. Why are Republicans so hell bent on screwing 23 million people out of their coverage. There is a long running debate between the 2 parties. Republicans beleive in a free market solution within our profit for healthcare system. Democrats believe we should follow the lead of the rest of the world and provide coverage for everyone. Healthcare should be a wright not a privalege. I believe in fixing the ACA and meet in the middle. What I consider a working fix is a 4 step solution.

  1. Increase the subsidies!
  2. Increase the penalties! There by adding lots of healthy people to the insurance purchasers.
  3. Fund the high risk corridors, with the amount of money needed to be sure insurance companies need to stay in business.
  4. Provide tax breaks to small independently owned medical practices, to offset the enormous cost of the new regulations that came with the ACA.  These are real steps that will work and keep the bulk of Americans insured. Even the elderly the people with preexisting conditions, those who do not get their insurance through their employer. Health is wealth, we are the worlds wealthiest nation. we should strive to be the worlds healthiest nation.