United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has 42 members. 24 Republicans and 18 Democrats.

On Nov 2 2017 Democrats took advantage of a rarely used law signed into law by President Calvin Coolidge. The law requires only 7 members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, to file a lawsuit to require Donald Trump to turn over documents regarding his hotel in Washington DC.

Lets take a step back, after being elected president Donald Trump has decided to remain the owner of his Washington DC hotel and profit from it even though it violates the US Constitution Emoluments clause..

Why is it Republicans, whom claim to be the almighty champions of the constitution wont address this blatant violation? The answer, Tax Cut!! The tax cut is the most important policy agenda on their agenda. When you tell Republicans the tax cut according to some estimates may increase the deficit by 7 trillion dollars in the first 10 years. They say PERFECT! The more they cannibalize the federal budget, the more effective they are at arguing there is no money for programs like Social Security. A program they have been at war with for 85 years. In order to stop these destructive policy pursuits, we must fight the tax cut as adamantly as we did the repeal of the ACA. As well as vote Democrat down the ballot.