Who are the Koch brothers?
The Koch brothers own Koch Industries. The second largest privately owned company in America. They employ over 100,000 people. Koch industries business slogan is “Food, Shelter, Clothing, Transportation, Creating life’s basic necessities for people around the world in various industries” Long story short they own a lot of business that can operate with unskilled, low paid workers. Their second biggest endeavor is their vast policy and political network. They have committed to spend 600 million dollars in the 2018 elections. They want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, promote measures to curb organized labor, abolish public education as well as Social Security, pass the biggest tax cut ever for Corporate America, to name a few. So when you ask yourself, why is it the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The reason is the Oligarchs and well-funded lobbyist has too much say in policy.
My opinion, health is wealth. ACA eliminated class of “uninsurable” and moved us a great way closer, to making Health Care a Right not a Privilege. So lets fix it not repeal the ACA.
Education: From my own experience, I have seen a great number of young people not on a path to succeed. Why? Because they lack understanding of basic financial management, as well as successful living habits. STRONG FAMILIES IMPART THIS KNOWLEDGE, but others don’t get that benefit. Schools need to take up that task. So lets scrap the trillions of dollars in tax cuts, Republicans are proposing. Lets close trillions of dollars in tax loopholes and invest that money in K-12 public education and debt free college education. Without access to education we create A PERMANENT UNDERCLASS. Just what the Koch brothers want, lots of cheap labor.