What is winner takes all politics?

Winner takes all politics is essentially a Republican Party philosophy. It is widely believed to be the cause of the enormous problem of income inequality. The old saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, is all to true. Although Republicans fight for big corporate tax cuts, failing to consider the skyrocketing federal budget deficits. They argue those tax cuts will improve the economy so much, that the amount of tax revenue will grow and reduce the federal budget shortfall.

Than the argument can be it is Democrats who are fighting for the middle class and poor. They have become the countries HR department essentially. They fight for healthcare for all; they fight to increase the minimum wage. They fight to give unions greater power. But in there, lie the great liberal conspiracy. It was President Obama who agreed to make the Tax-Extenders, tax cut permanent. Tax-Extenders got the name because every year congress had to vote to extend it. Tax-Extenders was a Trillion dollars in many different tax breaks for a large umber of different businesses. Do we really need another Trillion dollars in tax breaks for big profitable business. Keep in mind President Donald Trump who didn’t pay taxes for 15 years. He said its because he’s smart. Apple computer CEO Steve Cook, when called out by Congress for not paying any corporate taxes on the enormous profits Apple made. He told Congress, if you want us to pay tax, change the law.

The Tax laws favor the rich and the powerful. So what happened to the almighty liberals protecting the poor, and the Middle-class? Like the liberal Democrat Senator John Breaux from Louisiana said, his vote can’t be bought but it can be rented. When the big money lobbyist show up promising big campaign contributions, Democrats fold.

So how do we stop the growing problem of income inequality?  I believe the best way is to invest an enormous amount of money in our public education system. Making our public school system as amazing as the private schools, children of wealthy families go to. Including self-enrichment courses. Classes that will teach our children about things like financial planning, buying a home, investing in the stock market or opening there own business. As a restaurant manager I use to have conversations with young people, they would tell me about a new car they were going to buy. The payment was only $300 a month, they make that on a Friday night bar shift. I would ask, are using that $300 to pay something else now? Is that something else going away? Have you really figured out for sure if you could afford another $300 a month expense? These are common mistakes people make. This is some of the knowledge passed onto children form affluent homes. Some kids simply don’t have a solid base or home-life. They carry on through life learning things the hard way. They get frustrated and turn to crime and drugs. By providing children with the knowledge they need to succeed and really leaving no child behind, we can America even greater. Some kids just need a place to live and a hot meal, a nutritious breakfast.

There is a large agency in the U.S. called NAEHCY, National Association of homeless children and youth. There counselors entire job is to see to it that homeless children are aloud to attend school. There philosophy is that education will break the cycle of poverty. Here is the reality many children of homeless families are victims of dysfunctional parents. Alcoholics, drug abusers, and gambling addictions are some examples. These children didn’t ask to be brought into this world under these conditions. Living in a car, moving from location to location. No doubt, the NAEHCY, makes things better by stepping in and seeing to it these kids are allowed to attend school. Its not enough. The counselors have an enormous caseload. They are very busy not only getting these kids enrolled in whatever public school is in the area. They also have the task of finding these families a place to stay, usually temporary lodging. We need a public education system with dorms. A place these kids can call home. A place they can hang there hat, or a poster of there favorite athlete or sports team. A place with a desk and a bookshelf, they can do there homework, take a hot shower, sleep in a comfortable bed. This is the type of school system that will make America even greater and safer. The return on investment would be huge, a lot better than the return people saw on what they invested on President Trumps Junk Bonds that funded his bankrupt casinos.

How about werepeal the trillion dollars in Tax Extenders tax breaks and spend it on our public education system?