Zak Zakaluk

Christian, Conservative, Pro 2A

The Conservative Voice

As a proud Christian conservative, I cherish my life with my wonderful wife and our six children, embodying family values and faith. My journey as a pastor and an advocate for the Second Amendment, coupled with my role as an NRA instructor, reflects my deep commitment to principles and community.

From an early age, my outspoken nature, motivation, and charisma have been my trademarks. Music and conversation have always been my passions.

My professional path has woven through various industries, predominantly sales and hospitality. It was in the hospitality sector, three decades ago, that I met Trippi. Our friendship has stood the test of time, enduring despite our differing viewpoints, proving that respect and camaraderie can triumph over ideological divides.

Zac Zakaluk-Host of the Political No-Brainer Podcast