Episode #10


Agenda 47 Unveiled: Border Dynamics, Immigration Debates, and Societal Divides – A Political No-Brainer Episode 10

Decoding the Times: Biden's State of the Union, MTG, Ukraine, COVID, and Economic Challenge - Episode 9

In this insightful episode of “Political No-Brainer,” hosts Jeff Rabinowitz and Zac Zakaluk tackle the multifaceted discussions surrounding Agenda 47, border politics, and immigration reform. Through their liberal and conservative lenses, they navigate the complexities of these issues, alongside the heated debates surrounding transgender rights and the ongoing push for gun reform. This episode promises a deep dive into how these topics impact society, policy, and the political landscape. Jeff and Zac aim to dissect the controversies and policies with objectivity, respect, and a hint of humor, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs. Tune in for an episode that explores the intersections of policy, human rights, and societal expectations.